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‘After the Rains’ is a stark reminder of the pointlessness of war. Each side holds views and these views are a catalyst for justifiable murder and the destruction of family life. Emily Barroso brings Rhodesia to life in her novel and one can almost feel the hot sun and the beautiful landscape. This idealism is destroyed as the Rhodesian Civil War engulfs the country and the novel’s narrator, Jayne, is forced, after a terrorist attack, to flee her childhood and farm with her family. Barroso explores relationships between black and white, right and wrong, and the reader is left with a grey area called life and the fact that ‘It’s all vanity, it’s all an illusion, everything except that infinite sky’ (Tolstoy). A great novel and well worth reading.
Lindsay Jardine, The South African

'A most enjoyable and fascinating coming of age novel.'
Carel van der Merwe

'Barroso's treatment of the universal themes of love, loss and redemption through the eyes of a young girl on the cusp of adulthood is compelling, and her exploration of Zimbabwe's land ownership struggles highlights an on-going source of tension.'
The Zimbabwean 

Emily Barroso